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Meredith C
"Would highly recommend..."

We have a rental house and a tenant said she was getting sick. It was a weekend and so I coudn't call but they...

...have an email address to send a request to. I planned on calling Monday morning since most places aren't great about checking email stuff. I didn't even have to call because they called me first thing Monday morning. I was super impressed by that alone. Then they surprised me again by being able to test the house the same day, we set up a time for treatment since we were pretty sure it would need it. Got results back in a couple days later like they said and the guy who helped us, Austin, was great. It was a friend of ours who recommended Pure Maintenance and I would highly recommend them as well! I always hope for the best and expect the worse when it comes to companies I haven't dealt with before but I really had no reason to expect the worse - they are aweseome!

danielle m
"Our family's health is better..."

Such a great company! We found out that our 8 year old house had faulty roofing done and there was water and mold damage...

...Our family has had health problems from mold. Our family's health is better after treatment and we now feel safe in our own home, such a relief. Great start to a new year! Pure Maintenance helped lift a heavy burden.

tiffany j
"Thank you Pure Maintenance..."

Thank you Pure Maintenance form the bottom of my heart! My son still has some work left getting over his allergies...

...but not having mold to deal with anymore has been a huge help! I have told all my family and friends of your wonderful service! Thank you again!

jacque cloud
"Highly recommend PM"

I highly recommend Pure Maintenance! We had a tricky situation and they dealt with it quickly and professionally,...

...and all for less cost than alternative options and hardly and intrusion on our home and life. If I have mold issues in the future, i'll definitely know who to contact.

karen luke
"Overall health has improved..."

I would highly recommend Pure Maintenance. They were on time and very professional. We had Pure...

...Maintenance come out to spray our 30+ year old home, and have noticed that our overall health has improved since then. They were generous and even did our cars. We would highly recommend them to our friends and family.

Mold test solutions

Some mold is obvious. It's right there in front of you. In other cases where mold is in unseen places-like behind a cabinet or behind dry wall, you won't see it but it can still make you sick.

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality tests are the most common form of testing in the industry. They are not perfect in their measurements but can be a great tool in determining the condition of a building. Air quality tests are usually taken by collecting a 75 liter air sample from inside the home and pulling it through a small filter. The filter is analyzed by the lab and a report is created. These tests are often compared to a similar test taken outside in the area.

Tape Testing

Tape tests are best for determining the type of mold when you can visually see mold growth. These tests are less expensive than air tests but fail to provide the scope of the issue like the other tests would.Often these tests are unnecessary when a visual inspection shows mold growth without testing.

ERMI Testing

ERMI is widely accepted as the most accurate testing method available, but is also the most expensive method. ERMI tests are taken by pulling a sample of dust and mold from an area of carpet using a complex vacuum and filter system. These tests are more accurate than air quality tests but the price of the testing is sometimes as expensive as the treatment itself.

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