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Mold Removal Specialist Pure Maintenance Announces Crossing the Milestone of 170 Different Locations

Published on
May 18, 2023

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Pure Maintenance is a household name today across the United States and even beyond. Being a mold and pathogen removal specialist, the company has grown into an internationally recognized firm having more than 170 licensed branches across the globe. Apart from different locations in the US, Pure Maintenance has branches in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The company has recently opened its latest branch in western Australia as well. The compelling growth of the company so far is attributed to its unique and effective technology in removing mold and keeping the indoor air safe and clean from pathogens. The triumphant story of Pure Maintenance and its co-founders is ever-inspiring for aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.

The father in the dad-son duo, Mike Adams, and also the original founder of Pure Maintenance established the company in 2007. Before that, he owned a small firm named Facility Maintenance Corporation, providing commercial property management services to local clients. As part of the business, he received a contract from a surgical center, that required the service of a janitorial crew to come in and clean their surgical suites every night. He signed the contract and took up the opportunity. However, while cleaning the surgical suite, there was always a concern that his staff might have missed an area in the facility, which made him worried about the potential consequences it could have on the patients undergoing surgery. Searching for a solution to resolve his concern while cleaning any facility in the future, he found an air purifying method that prevailed in Europe. They used certain vapors to kill pathogens in the air. Developing that technology, Mike Adams realized its potential scope in the medical industry.

Mike Adams along with his Son, Brandon Adams, started looking for opportunities in the healthcare sector, but they failed to get any significant openings for their technology. However, they identified a huge demand for mold and pathogen remediation in the residential sector and therefore started marketing their air purifying and pathogen removal technology for residential and commercial buildings. They shifted their business from property management into a full-fledged mold and pathogen-removing company. Eventually, they received more inquiry and their method became effective in mold abatement, mold remediation, mold inspection, mold removal, odor remediation, disinfection, etc.

The technology developed by the company is known as the VaPure system. This is an effective and new procedure to treat mold spores throughout residential buildings quickly, in most cases without any demolition. Using this patented VaPure Technology, Pure Maintenance can fill up the entire volume of space within a building with a VaPure fog that is effective on bacteria, and mold on hard surfaces. According to the company, the process is so effective and provides the best results. And upon completion of the Pure Maintenance two-step process, the air in the facility will be safer and healthier than the outdoor air.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the technology, Brandon Adams, the co-founder and CEO of Pure Maintenance says, "VaPure technology is what sets us apart from the competition. Instead of time-consuming and invasive tear-out methods, tiny particles of a VaPure fog fill the capacity of your home or office, destroying any mold spores it contacts for the desired dwell time on the appropriate surface. It is the most thorough and efficient way to restore healthy air quality to your home. Our patented technology creates such a small particle that nothing in your home or office is wet once the process is finished. It will not damage anything in your home including electronics, papers, photos, upholstery, plants, etc".


The results of the method and a happy customer base contributed to the growth of the company. Today the company celebrates crossing the milestone of 170 different locations across the world. As part of its commitment to ensuring quality indoor air for everyone, the company recently announced its Pure Care indoor air quality warranty program. The package is available at a price of 599 USD and includes comprehensive air quality maintenance of an entire building. As opposed to the conventional practices in the industry, Pure Maintenance seeks to provide a year-long continuous air quality monitoring and mold remediation package through its Pure Care program. The ultimate intention behind the initiative is to safeguard facilities it has serviced from mold and pathogens by preventing them from reappearing.

Instead of focusing on the area of infection, Pure Maintenance cleans the entire building considering the potential spread of pathogens through the air to other areas in the same building. After removing the mold and cleaning the air, the air quality is tested regularly to prevent the resurgence of pathogens in the facility. Based on this continuous monitoring, an air quality report is provided every week. In addition, under the Pure Care warranty package, the company will provide air filters every quarter to replace the older filters in the building.

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With the recent opening of its second and latest branch in Western Australia, Pure Maintenance, continues to grow and expand globally. Their mission to provide clean air and mold-free homes and workspaces continue to help many live healthy lives and breathe clean air.

"I help people find a fresh start to a new career in the indoor air quality industry. It turns out there are thousands of people who feel sick, tired, fatigued, and sore and don't know why. Many times these symptoms are caused by your environment. I had no idea how much the particulates in the air affected our health. With our patented new technology, it is possible to find relief. Companies using our technology have provided relief to thousands of people all over the world", says Brandon Adams.