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Top 10 Places Mold Might Be hiding Inside Your Home

Published on
May 18, 2023

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Where will you find mold in your home?

Mold is becoming more and more of a health concern as the country is becoming educated on the dangers of mold and associated mold toxins. There are a number of places that mold will begin to manifest itself when a home has an elevated mold spore count. Keep in mind the mold is everywhere, it just manifests itself in areas that have water issues.

The Top 10 are:

1. Bathrooms including grout, caulk, flooring & ceiling  

2. Window sills and window tracks (particularly the North side of the home)

3. Basement foundation walls

4. Sink drains, sink overfill reservoirs, and flood drains

5. Crawl spaces / attics

6. Toilets that have lost their seal and wobble

7. Front load washing machines

8. Soft water system salt tanks

9. HVAC duct work including humidifiers installed on HVAC

10. Under toilet tank lid