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What is the llCRC?

Published on
May 18, 2023

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The subject of IIRC comes up often in our industry. When the Pure Maintenance VaPure system is explained to customers, inspectors, and realtors; many ask the question, “Does this technology align itself with IICRC protocol?”. The quick answer is no. The

more extensive answer requires an explanation of exactly what the IICRC is and how their reference guide is to be used. Straight from their guide we read, “The institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification R520 Reference Guide for Professional mold remediation is intended to provide information about the remediation of mold contaminated structures, systems, and contents and to assist individuals and entities working in the mold remediation industry in establishing and maintaining their professional competence.”

Essentially there is a committee of professionals who have “weighed in” on their knowledge and experience in the field of mold remediation and have compiled a manual. By their own definition, the good people at IICRC recognize that they do not have all the answers. To the credit of the body members of IICRC, they have acknowledged that users of the document or manual should “stay updated and informed of the developments in the field of mold remediation, implement changes in technology and procedures as appropriate.” Also, to their credit, the reference guide goes on to read that “it is not intended to be either exhaustive or inclusive of all pertinent requirements, methods, or procedures that might be appropriate on a particular mold remediation project.”

They take it one step further in stating, “The IICRC expressly disclaims, and shall not be liable for any and all damages incurred because of their own protocol, including damages for personal injury or bodily injury, property damage, loss of business, loss of profits, litigation or the like”. Further on we read, “The IICRC has no power nor does it undertake to police or enforce compliance with the contents of their document, the IICRC does not list certify, test, inspect or verify service of product compliance with their documents and assumes no responsibility for user compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. The IICRC does not endorse proprietary products or methods.” Pure Maintenance VaPure system falls into the category of relatively recent, and proprietary development in the field of mold remediation. Pure Maintenance has a procedure that is appropriate for particular mold remediation as evidenced by over 15 years of experience, 15,000 plus homes being treated, and overwhelmingly great reviews from happy customers.

Are their projects in which the VaPURE fog is not appropriate? Of course there are. Are most projects going to benefit from the VaPURE fog treatment? The answer is an overwhelming YES! Pure Maintenance licensees are represented throughout the United States. Some just do VaPURE treatments, others fall into the category of “restoration” companies that compliment their services rendered with additional VaPURE treatments. It is a new cutting edge, patented, and proprietary technology. We make no apologies for improving the quality of the lives of our customers. Pure Maintenance dry fog treatment does not pretend to fall into the realm of IICRC protocols. It does, however, fall into the category of- and as stated by the IICRC-“updated developments in the field of mold remediation.”